Music is important. We can't forget how a song made us feel the first time we heard it or the memory of hearing it live for the first time. If it stuck with you, you can clearly remember where you were, how it made all of your other thoughts disappear and demanded your total attention and focus.

With that I'm pleased to announce that from here on out every single track released on Whoa Oh Records will be available to be streamed from anywhere at anytime, so we can all relive those important first moments anytime we want.

It's tough to make it as an artist or musician these days when most people listen to music through streaming services and those streaming services don't really pay the people making the music very much. You'll see that there's a donation button and an iTunes link on the bottom of each album. Most of the label's money comes from downloads these days and to be honest, all of these records are out of print and made their money back. So, with that the label takes a 15% cut and gives 85% to the people who made all of these songs. Donations will be handled in the exact same way. The label will keep the 15% to cover bandwidth and everything else will go to the people who deserve it, not to middle people making a living off of the work of others.

— Jonnie Whoa Oh

The Ergs - Goddamn Death Dedication
Dirt Bike Annie / the Unlovables - Reunion Show
Dirt Bike Annie - Hit the Rock
The Manix - Van Activities
O Pioneers - This is How I Feel
The Sidekicks - Sam
The Kung Fu Monkeys - Christmas for Breakfast
Tin Armor
Lost Locker Combo - Freshman Orientation
Full of Fancy - Sweet Baby Jesus
Zatopeks - Damn Fool Music
mc chris and the Lee Majors
The Ergs and Lemuria
The Unlovables - Heartsickle
The Ergs - Books About Miles Davis
The 20 Belows - Headaches and Moodswings
The Vents and the Teen Sensation Glasses
The Unlovables - Crush Boyfriend Heartbreak
The Ergs - Dork Rock Cork Rod
The Kung Fu Monkeys
Darlington - All the Wrong Moves
Charlie Brown Gets a Valentine - Dismissed
Zatopeks, The 20 Belows, The Apers, Twentyearsold - The International Language of Love
The Teen Sensation Glasses
Dirt Bike Annie and the Kung Fu Monkeys - The Wedding EP
The Ergs - 3 Guys 12 Eyes
The Pettyfords - Aloha Means Goodbye
The Grand Prixx and The Proteens - Wicked Split
Triple Bypass - Memories We Never Had
Triple Bypass - Yeah Yeah Punk Rock Big Deal